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Repair Construction Consulting

Our wide range of services includes structural engineering, HVAC engineering, supervision services, and construction surveys.

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IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services include documents, cost estimations, reporting services, software development, and document automation.



Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa

Copla Oy is a construction consulting firm with a strong track record.

At Copla Oy, we take pride in our in-house expertise, competent partners, wide range of services, advanced IT solutions, and excellent price-quality ratio. We provide flexible services to cater to the needs of our customers.

We strive for high-quality, sustainable repair construction in all our operations. We are passionate about digital development and automation, and we actively utilize new technology in our activities. We have also developed a new application called DocStarter, which is a system that allows the users to create error-free documents quickly with the help of document automation. You can read more about DocStarter here.

Saku Lukkala

tel. 040 551 5632
e-mail: saku.lukkala@copla.fi

Ulla Väistö

Sales Manager
tel. 050 556 7734
e-mail: ulla.vaisto@docstarter.pro


Copla and the Year 2020

Now that the year has once again changed, we thought it'd be nice to look back for a moment and reflect on the past year. The year 2020 was without a doubt a very unusual year to all of us, but despite the exceptional circumstances, the year was also full of joy and...

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