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Copla is a construction company specialized in building and construction, electrical and HVAC-engineering supervision

We provide the services of a prime or sub consultant as necessary. We mainly operate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area including Espoo and Vantaa.

Copla Oy is a building and construction consultancy offering expert services for all stages of rebuilding and reconstruction projects. Our core competence consists of construction, electrical and HVAC engineering supervision for large and small projects. We offer high quality structural design and HVAC engineering services as the prime or sub-consultant.

Our clients include large construction companies, property management companies and private developers.

We base our operations in customer orientation and reliable, high quality, unbiased services. We are flexible to cater to the needs of our customers. Our success is based on systematic continuous development.

Copla received its RALA Certificate in 2015. All of our consultancy services have been certified, and the latest auditing took place 15 June 2018 and found no discrepancies.

We are an associate member of Sisäilmayhdistys, the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, and we are part of the tilaajavastuu.fi service. We joined the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce in 2017. See Copla Oy’s Chamber of Commerce member profile here.

We are partners in KT Kuntotutkimus Oy specialized in surveys of harmful substances in construction and in condition surveys. For more information about asbestos in Finland in Finnish, please visit www.asbesti.info.

Over the years we have become partners in various companies in our industry, and this has helped us develop our operations to where we are today. We strive to continuously strengthen our networks and to create new business opportunities. We apply a quality management system that covers all of our operations. It is a documented system constantly maintained and evaluated for functionality and effect.


Our newest service is the DocStarter software application to automatically create documents. We are now able to serve our customers with event more quality and added value. For more information about DocStarter, please visit https://www.docstarter.pro/.

Our objective is to continuously improve the quality and operations of the company by utilizing information technology. We have established systems and processes for enterprise resource planning and financial and quality management that provide us long-term competitive advantage.

Enviromental plan

In 2018 Copla implemented an environmental plan (see summary here), the purpose of which is to comprehensively develop the operations of the company to advance environmental protection. The environmental plan consists of a review of the company’s current situation and a plan of action to develop environmental efficiency and an environmental system. The plan was created by Lucrativo Oy and their team of versatile expertise.