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Copla Oy is a construction consulting firm with a strong track record


We provide a wide range of high-quality supervision, survey, engineering, and IT consulting services

Construction Consulting

Copla Oy offers high-quality expert services for all the stages of repair construction projects. Our expert services include structural, electrical, and HVAC supervision, survey services, and structural and HVAC engineering. Depending on the project, we operate either as a prime or sub-consultant.

We strive to offer our clients excellent customer service and a wide range of reliable, high-quality expert services. Our services are unbiased and flexible, which allows us to find the best solution for every customer. We owe our success to the company’s systematic, continuous development process.

We provide flexible services to best meet the needs of every customer. Our clients include large construction companies, property management companies, and private developers. We operate in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

You can view our references here.

Extensive Network

Over the years, we have become partners in various companies in our industry. This, amongst other things, has helped us develop our operations to where we are today. We strive to continuously strengthen our networks and create new business opportunities.

We are a partner in KT Kuntotutkimus Oy, which specializes in condition surveys and surveys of harmful substances. For more information about asbestos in Finland, please visit www.asbesti.info (available only in Finnish).

Continuous Development

In order to verify our high-quality services, we apply a quality management system that covers all our operations. It is a documented system, and it is constantly maintained and evaluated for functionality and efficiency. We aim to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our operations with the help of the newest technology.


We have developed a new application called DocStarter®, which is a smart application that allows users to create error-free documents quickly with the help of document automation. DocStarter utilizes the company’s own document templates, which means that the documents created with the application are always fully consistent with the visual style of the company.

Environmental Plan

Copla implemented an environmental plan in 2018. The purpose of the plan is to comprehensively develop the operations of the company in order to advance environmental protection. The environmental plan consists of a review of the company’s current situation and a plan of action to develop environmental efficiency and an environmental system.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Copla Oy is Building a Greener Future

Copla Oy is committed to sustainable development in all its operations. Our aim is to stay ahead of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to develop our operations in a sustainable manner. Copla’s products steer the whole industry towards a greener future. Green is our brand color, and sustainability forms the base of all our operations.

Construction and property businesses are directly connected to 11 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (in color below).

In addition to these 11 goals, Copla Oy has also included all the remaining goals in its sustainable development plan. All these goals are considered in Copla’s own personnel policy and its development as well as in the process of selecting our business partners. Copla’s whole network benefits from sustainable growth.

We evaluate the success of the goals on a yearly basis. We assess how well we achieved the goals in the past year and determine new goals and indicators for the following year. We collect feedback from Copla’s personnel on how we could make our daily operations even more sustainable.

UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals outline the areas of focus in international sustainable development and specify the goals to be achieved by the year 2030. We at Copla want to do our part and promote these goals in our own operations. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals offer new business opportunities, but we also aim at preventing and taking responsibility for our negative impact on the environment.

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